Don’t do pretty – do “Dont Do Pretty”

The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival comes around once a year and each year I find myself chomping at the bit to see which emerging designers will grace the catwalk.

Cue the edgy Adelaidian label Don’t Do Pretty.


South Australian designers Elle Houseman and Rebel Freeman take their fashion to the next level. They don’t do pretty – they do empowering, they do confident and they do unique, ready-to-wear with a conscience. The textiles used in creating these garments are screened to ensure suppliers are meeting strict Australian standards for environmental excellence. They stand up against exploitation and pollution. In my opinion, they stand a very big chance of winning you over with their Australian made body-banging, eye-popping pieces!

I take you to the stage at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2016 – swagger and spunk, silk and leather, sparkles and flares and some AMAZING silver structured shorts that I cannot wait to take from the beach to the bar this summer! (link to website to eyeball the End Up Somewhere In Mexico shorts below).

Pretty is sooooo 2015 kids – the future is Dont Do Pretty!




This label is fashion friendly to all body shapes and Australian made. This is your label is you want to release your inner rock goddess.


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  1. Love your review! I love what Elle and Rebel are doing! I am a life coach and empowering women is one of my favourite things to do! Go Girls!


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